Terms & Conditions

We at Shinning Studio are happy and delighted to be a part of the special days of your life. Make it a wedding, a family function or even a party, our main motto is to provide you the best possible services. We are providing our Terms and Conditions online to make sure that there is complete transparency and nothing hidden from you before or after finalizing the contract.

It is agreed that no change or variation of this agreement is effective unless agreed by both the parties involved in writing.

  • Booking Fees: Initial payment of 50% to 75% has to be made on the time of booking the dates for your event/photo shoot. Without initial payment we are not bound to close the dates for any other bookings. On cancellation of the photo shoot/event there will be no refund. In case we deny providing the services due to any reason, the payment will be refunded.

  • Payments: Following the initial payment, balance dues has to be paid 10 days prior to the event date. No photographs, albums etc will be delivered until all dues are cleared. For additional photographs/albums extra payment has to be made on the time they are ordered. Payments can be made in Cash, check, online transfer, DD.

  • Image Quality: We try our level best to maintain the color balance and tones as similar to they look on screen. It may differ after print due to certain dyes, material on which they are printed etc. It is sometimes impossible to replicate the exact color tones in print.

    Retouching: Retouching of RAW images provided with the edited ones is available at an extra cost. Please contact us for more details.

  • Display: We has full right to publish the work in print, on social network websites, photography websites, photography forums, exhibitions etc. The photographs can be used in commercial promotional material, advertisements and can be sold on commercial level. In case the client does not want them to be available for sale on commercial level or on photographic forums etc., he/she has to point it out during the time of giving signing amount.

  • Copyright: Any images or copies of images whether stored digitally or otherwise and documentation or program related to those images remain under the copyright of Shinning Studio. They can not be sold, replicated, copied or used without written permission of Shinning Studio.

    Attendance: In case the appointed photographer cannot be present at the time of the event, we hold full right to replace the photographer with best possible option available with us.

  • Delivery: The unedited photos will be re-sized and given in a DVD/Pen drive to the client on the final day of the celebrations. These photos are for selection. After client has selected the photographs for the album, it will take up to 3 to 6 months to complete the album work depending on the availability of editors, touch-up artists and designers. As a lot of art work need to get embedded in the album, it takes longer time. In case the client fails to provide the selected images within 45 days from the ceremony, the album may take more than 6 months as the work will be then go by sequence of the photos received from different clients. Please note, any changes suggested in the album design will result in delay. We do not have much control on the timeline of the videos as we outsource the work completely. Normally it takes up to six months. Also it is not our responsibility to shortlist or remove photos from the selected photographs. Any extra photographs will bear extra charges per sheet basis. Full resolution raw data will be provided on the day of final payment. We keep two copies of the raw data with us till final delivery is done. After that one master copy of all the full resolution data will remain with us.

  • Limitation of liability: In the unlikely event of cancelling of the contract / total photographic failure or in any other circumstances, the liability of one party will remain to the total value of the contract. No party will be liable for direct or indirect loss other than the value of the contract.

  • Cancellation: Client can cancel the contract at any time by giving a written notice to Mahesh Verma or Gagan Verma but that shall forfeit any advance paid. In case of cancellation within 10 days prior to the event, no payment will be refunded. In case of postponing the event, the services will be provided according to the contract. In case we refuse to provide services for any reason, we will refund the whole amount within six months of the moment we get the account details from the client. No extra money or compensation can be claimed. We normally do not cancel the event and arrange another photographer in case of non availability of main photographer. If there is an argument or the client put a request which was not entitled in the contract, we have right to say no.

  • Travel, Stay and Food: Stay (in case of travel) and food is responsibility of the client. In case you do not want to offer any of these, please let us know. There will be extra cost accordingly and food breaks will be there during the ceremony so that we can go out and buy food for us and our team.

  • Negative/Digital files: Negatives and digital files remain the sole property of Shinning Studio.

  • Discounts/gift certificates: Any discounts or gift certificates will be valid of 6 months. They are non transferable, non negotiable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Complaints: Complaints should be raised within 14 days of the album delivery. Any complaint rose after 2 weeks will not be treated on priority basis and Shinning Studio is not bound to reply in the agreed time period of 3 working days.